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29 March 1867 *
Birth of the Battalion
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Qld Government Gazette, His Excellency Governor George Bowen, accepts Services of citizens of Brisbane to form a Volunteer Rifle Company. His Excellency’s hand written comments of 21 March 1867 can be seen on the letter of request from the Commander of the 50th Queen’s Own Regiment.
Captain, the Hon, Charles Lilley, QC, is appointed the Captain of the Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley Rifle Corps. Captain Lilley was a member of Parliament and was appointed Queensland’s fourth Premier in 1868.
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1868 *
Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley Rifle Corps, The Frogs Hollow Rangers
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Volunteer Rifle Cortps absorbed into the "First Regiment of Queensland Infantry"
First Regiment of Queensland Infantry renamed "The First Queenslanders" (Moreton Regiment"
1899 *
Boer War
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Queensland is the first colony to commit to the Boer War. Lieutenant Colonel Flewell-Smith, CO of the First Queenslanders, is appointed CO Fifth Queensland Imperial Bushmen 1900 – 1902. The Battalion’s first Battle Honour “South Africa 1899-1902” is awarded based on the service of many from the First Queenslanders.
1 March - the Australian Army is formed and the First Queenslanders renamed the 'Ninth Australian Regiment (The Moreton Regiment)'
The AIF is formed with the Ninth Battalion as Queensland's first Battalion of the AIF to embark for World War One.
25 April 1915 *
Captain Duncan Chapman
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Duncan Chapman from Maryborough Queensland, First ashore at Gallipoli
23 July 1916 *
Private John Leak VC
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Private John Leak, from Rockhampton Queensland performs actions at Poziers that results in him being the first Queenslander awarded a Victoria Cross.
March 1915 *
Colour Patches introduced
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Ypres 1917 *
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1920 ~ 1938
the Battalion was twice amalgamated to form theNinth/Fifteenth and later the Ninth/Forty Ninth Battalions.
Ninth/Forty Ninth renamed the Ninth battalion Australian Milita Force [AMF] and the Ninth Battalion of the Second AIF is raised. The Second Ninth AIF is deployed to North Africa
The Second AIF is withdrawn from the Middle East and the AMF is mobilised to defend Australia from Japan.
25 Aug ~
7 Sep 1942
The Ninth Battalion, Second AIF and the Ninth Battalion AMF fight together in a combined force in the Battle of Milne Bay, the first defeat of Japanese forces on land.
4 Sep 1942 *
Corporal John French VC
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Corporal John French, of the Ninth Battalion Second AIF, performed acts of valour which result in him being posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. Corporal French VC was from Crow’s Nest Queensland.
Ninth AMF and Ninth Battalion Second AIF disbanded
Ninth Battalion (the Moreton Regiment) re-raised
First Battalion, The Royal Queensland Regiment, formed for all Queensland. All Reserve Battalions in Queensland were absorbed into this unit until 1965
The Ninth Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment formed.
1999 ~ *
…to the present day
Many Battalion members have served on opera- tions in the Solomon Islands, East Timor, Afghanistan, South Sudan, the Sinai and domestically for Border Protection and Queensland Flood Assist 2010.
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The Battalions Best Section - 2016

Colours Paraded in Paris and at Poziers for Centenary of the Battle.
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2014 *
The Battalions Colours and Battle Honours
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Defence of Tobruk Merjayun * Cape Endaiadere-Sinemi Creek Tsimba Ridge * Milne Bay Borneo Syria, 1941 * Kokoda Trail * Liberation of Australian New
Guinea Balikpapan
South Africa 1899-1902
Bullecourt Menin Road
Landing At ANZAC
Pozieres Ypres 1917
Polygon Wood
Ancre, 1918 *
Hindenberg Line
* Battle Honours awarded for the unit’s participation in the overall Campaign and not in the actual Battle
Battle Honours not on the Colours
Defence of ANZAC
Sari Bair
Gallipoli 1915
Egypt 1915~1916
France & Flanders 1916~1918
Somme 1916 and 1918
Albert 1918
The Salient 1941
North Africa 1941
South West Pacific 1942~45
Sanananda-Cape Killerton
Shaggy Ridge
Artillery Hill
Hongarai River
Puritan River