One of the most important activities of the Association is maintaining and expanding the 9th Battalions War Memorial Museum at Enoggera and the Milne Bay Library and Research Centre at Chermside.

Our Museums are small volunteer maintained entities. We house mostly artefacts from the various units. We do not have records of individual soldiers, except in a few cases where they have been donated by families.

If you wish to research an individual soldier we recommend that you go to the Australian National Archives Service Records link here , or the Australian War Memorial link here.
The Association maintains two Museums, one in the Historical Precinct area within Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggerra and the Milne Bay Memorial Library and Research Centre in the old Sandgate Drill hall now located adjacent to 7Bde Park at Chermside.

The Association Museum's Collections are held by the Ninth Battalions Museums Trust with each Museum having a Director, Curator and small volunteer staff.

Opening of the Museums is by appointment only and in the case of the Enoggera Museum, which is inside a secure Military establishment, a Visitors Pass must be obtained.

Museum Appointments

Museum Trust
Chairman Col Mark Plath

Director Ron Mortensen
Curator SSgt Chris Donaldson
Librarian Ros Peters
Our Association leases several buildings in the Historical Precinct of Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera.

Enquiries by individuals or groups regarding visiting
the Association Museum at Gallipoli Barracks can be
made using the Contact tab on the right of this page

Director Maj Brad Shillig
Curator SSgt Frank Meoni

Milne Bay Memorial Library and Research Centre is contained in the old Sandgate Drill Hall which was relocated from Sandgate to 7Bde Park with the assistance of the Federation Fund.
Some notes and extracts from The Fighting Ninth magazine on the establishment of our Museum.

LtCol John Simson (CO 9RQR 1969 to 1972) in 1970 gave Maj Tony Austin the task of setting up a Unit museum in a tiny 3m by 3m room in BnHQ. Shortly thereafter the extraRegimental Appointment was handed to Maj Peter Newland who managed to move the museum into one of the Bn Lecture rooms - a much larger space.

It soon became apparent that the project was in need of much greater effort than could be applied by a serving officer as an extraRegimental appointment.

After some casting around we were fortunate to locate Mr Joel Barnett, who, although not a member of the Bn, had a passion for Military History and a willingness to take on the task.

Shortly thereafter the Bn HQ was moved from to the opposite end of the Kelvin Grove complex and the museum, of course, tagged along. Initially the museum was allocated quite spacious surroundings above the Main Q store but was later a small room in the Spt Coy Aslt Pnr Pl area where it would remain for the rest of the Bn's tenure at Kelvin Grove,

When the Bn was relocated to Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera the Museum was fortunate to be allocated a completely stand alone building, albeit in poor repair with an adjacent storage area and armoury.

As is the nature of such things the re-raising of 8/9Bn RAR saw the Bn move once again. This time the Museum had the good fortune to be offered a location in building E80 within the Enoggera Historical Precinct. This has been turned into an excellent home which we occupy to this day.

Enquiries by individuals or groups regarding visiting the Association Museum at Gallipoli Barracks should be directed to
The Fighting Ninth November 1967 page 13 [extract] 
A suggestion has been made to form a regimental Museum....Please send anything you think may be suitable to either Lt Frank Camm or to C M Wrench. 
The Fighting Ninth November 1969 page 26 [extract] 
The Regimental Museum has finally found a home.... 
[Lt D H Johnson] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1970 page 25 [extract] 
The unit museum, although it has found a home, has taken some time to get going and as yet very few relics have come to hand.  
[Lt Col J E E Simsom] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1971 page 1 [extract] 
The Curator Maj Tony Austin would like your assistance in providing museum items.... 
[C M Wrench] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1971 page 4 [extract] 
The Unit museum has at last achieved some semblance of order... The restricted space in which the museum is housed is already proving a problem... 
[LtCol J E E Simson] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1971 page 5 [extract] 
A full page museum report.A meeting of the Museum Committee was held 28 Sept 1971. …..a tentative date for the official opening was fixed, this being 28 August 1972, the day on which the First Queenslanders was formed in 1867. 
[Maj T Austin] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1972 page 3 [extract] 
More space to house the Unit museum is now available and it will be moved to its new location in the near future.... 
...donations to the Museum Curator Maj Tony Austin 
[LtCol B C Peacock] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1973 page 1 [extract] 
The Regimental Museum....has been located into a larger room. The CO, LtCol Peacock approved the move into what had been a large lecture room...there still remains a need for items to be recorder and classified. 
Perhaps there is, amongst those who read this someone who could, on a part time basis assist in this regard. 
[Maj P Newland - in capacity as Curator and Editor] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1974 page 4 [extract] 
1974 has seen a marked improvement in the 9th Battalion Museum. Mr Dave Jane, an ex-member of the Battalion has taken on the role of Curator and has done an excellent job. 
[LtCol B C Peacock] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1975 page 7 [extract] 
Museum Report. [long] 
[Joel Barnett, Curator] 
The Fighting Ninth November 1976 page14 [extract] 
...the Museum has moved into much more acceptable premises... 
...a very recent relic which has been gained through the efforts of 8/9 Bn RAR is a small high grade silver plaque... 
The palque was taken from the Kings Colour presented by Edward VII to the Battalion for its services in South Africa. 
[Joel Barnett, Hon. Curator] 
The Fighting Ninth April 1984 page 2 [extract] 
….I am pleased to report two major changes to the Museum. First a change of name....'The Ninth Battalions War Memorial Museum' 
The second aspect is that a Trust Fund has been established for the Museum. 
[LtCol D Rankine MC - President 9th Battalions Association] 

[dates and references to be confirmed[
  • Museum moved to a location above the QuarterMasters Store
  • Museum moved into a small rom adjacent to Spt Cot
  • Museum moved, with the Bn, to Enoggera Barracks and occupies an old building next to Bn HQ and a Store and Armoury nearby.
  • Museum Weapons Collection moved offsite
  • Museum moved to Building E80 in Enoggera Historical Precinct
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