The Fighting Ninth, March 1950, page 7
In an endeavour to weld together the various component units of the 9th Regiment into one body, a controlling body to be known as 'The Council of the 9th Regiment' has been formed.

This body consists of three delegates from each of the following units, the 9th BN AIF, the 2/9th Bn AIF Assn, The 9th Bn (Moretons) and the serving unit, the 9th Infantry (The Moreton Regt.).

The object is to coordinate policy affecting all units and the betterment and welfare of the units as a whole, bearing in mind the fact, that History will only find a place for one 9th.

The President of the Council is Capt D Suller and the Secretary Mr Basil Roberts, 2/9th Bn.
The Fighting Ninth, September 1955
Editorial [extract] by Capt D Suller.

A strong and virile Regimental Association under the Chairmanship of John Earwacker, has successfully held their annual Ball. This Regimental Association which consists of representatives from each of the 9th components augers well for the future. More and More co-operation is forthcoming, and there is no reason why more combined functions should not be held. There are many ways the Association can help the serving Unit. It can help be retrieving Regimental Plate and numerous items lost during the years which should avail find their rightful place with the 9th Battalion (The Moreton Regt.)
The Fighting Ninth, September 1956
Editorial [extract] Capt D Suller

The 9th Regimental Association under the Patronage of Brig J E G Martin CBE DSE ED and the Chairmanship of John Earwacker, is going from strength to strength. Early this year the President handed over to the 9th Battalion at Greenbank Camp the 'Federal Cup' which was won by the 1st Queenslanders (The Moreton Regt.) in the closing days of the last century, in the near future it hopes to hand back one of the original side drums presented to the AIF Battalion by the Citizens of Brisbane in 1914.
The Fighting Ninth, December 1958
Editorial [extract] Capt D Suller

Congratulations are in order for the Regimental Association which since its inception has striven for unity amongst the components of the 9th. This year saw their efforts crowned with success when we marched sas one body on the Anzac Day march. Order of maech was: Colour Escort 100 strong from the 9th Infantry Battalion ( The Moreton Regiment), 9th Infantry Battalion Band, 9th Battalion AIF Association, 2/9th AIF ex-members Association, 9th Battalion Moreton Association. The general turnout of the Serving Unit was a credit to all concerned whilst the music of the Band was the best we have ever enjoyed.

a short history of the Association